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By Decree No. 002/PT/PM/2024 of January 2, 2024, the following personalities are appointed members of the Transitional Government:

  1. Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chadians Abroad: Amb. MAHAMAT SALEH ANNADIF;

  2. Minister of State, Minister of Justice Keeper of the Seals and Human Rights: ABDERAHIM BREME HAMID;

  3. Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: Dr. TOM ERDIMI;

  4. Minister of State, Minister of Women and Child Welfare: Mrs. AMINA PRISCILLE LONGOH;

  5. Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization: LIMANE MAHAMAT;

  6. Minister of National Education and Civic Promotion: Dr. NDOLEMBAi SADE NJESADA;

  7. Minister of Public Health and Prevention: Dr. ABDEL-MADJID ABDERAHIM MAHAMAT;

  8. Minister of Armed Forces, Veterans, and War Victims: DAGO YACOUB;

  9. Minister of Public Security and Immigration: MAHAMAT CHARFADINE MARGUI;

  10. Minister of Finance and Budget: TAHIR HAMID MGUILIN;

  11. Minister of Infrastructure and Decentralization: AZIZ MAHAMAT SALEH;

  12. Minister of Communication, Government Spokesperson: ABDERAMAN KOULAMALLAH;

  13. Minister of Energy: Mrs. NDOUGONNA MBAKASSE RIRADJIM;

  14. Minister of Hydrocarbons: Mrs. NDOLENODJI ALIXE NAIMBAYE;

  15. Minister of Economy, Planning, and International Cooperation: MAHAMATASSOUYOUTIABAKAR;

  16. Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Economy: BOUKARMICHEL;

  17. Minister of Livestock and Animal Productions: ABDOULAYE DIAR MOGODI;

  18. Minister of Production and Agricultural Transformation: KEDA BALLA;

  19. Minister of Public Service and Social Dialogue: ABDOULAYE MBODOU MBAMI;

  20. Minister of Water and Sanitation: PASSALE KANABE MARCELIN;

  21. Minister of Transport, Civil Aviation, and National Meteorology: Mrs. FATIMA GOUKOUNI WEDDEYE;

  22. Minister of Environment, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development: MAHAMAT ABDELKERIM HANNO;

  23. Minister of Youth and Sports: BRAVO OUAIDOU;

  24. Minister of Mines and Geology: ABDELKERIM MAHAMAT ABDELKERIM;

  25. Minister of Territorial Planning, Housing, and Urbanism: MAHAMAT ASSILECK HALATA;

  26. Minister of Industry and Commerce: AHMAT ABDELKERIM AHMAT;

  27. Minister of Cultural Affairs, Historical Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts: ABAKAR ROZZI TEGUIL;

  28. Minister of Social Action, National Solidarity, and Humanitarian Affairs: Mrs. FATIME BOUKAR KOSSEI;

  29. Minister of Vocational Training, Trades, and Microfinance: DJIME MOUSSA OUMAR;

  30. Minister-Secretary General of the Government, in charge of Promoting Bilingualism in the Administration and Relations with Major Institutions: Dr. RAMATOU MAHAMAT HOUTOUIN;

  31. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in charge of Chadians Abroad: Mrs. ISABELLE HOUSNA KASSIRE;

  32. Secretary of State for Justice and Human Rights: Dr. SITACKYOMBATINA BENI;

  33. Secretary of State for Higher Education and Scientific Research: Mrs. SQUAD DJJIBRINE IBRAHIM;

  34. Secretary of State for Territorial Administration, in charge of Decentralization: AHMAT OUMAR AHMAT;

  35. Secretary of State for National Education and Civic Promotion: MAHAMAT IBET BEKLA;

  36. Secretary of State for Public Health and Prevention: Dr. ABAKAR ABDERRAZAKH HASSAN;

  37. Secretary of State for Finance and Budget: Mrs. FATIME ALDJINEH GARFA;

  38. Secretary of State for Economy, Planning, and International Cooperation: Mrs. SAINTA NDEM;

  39. Secretary of State for Production and Agricultural Transformation: FLAVIEN ALI TOUBYO;

  40. Secretary of State for Livestock and Animal Productions: Mrs. FATIME KODBE;

  41. Deputy Secretary-General of the Government: Mrs. BORKOU LOUISE NGARADOUMRI.


N'Djamena, January 2, 2024

By the President of the Republic General MAHAMAT IDRISS DEBY ITNO

The Prime Minister, Head of the Transitional Government Dr. SUCCES MASRA

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