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Embassy of Chad in CANADA
Organigramme de l’Ambassade du Tchad au Canada




Mahamat Ali Adoum


Premier Secretaire

Mayara  Kadingar


Conseillere économique

Achetou Gami



Mme Khamis N. Taryallah


Opérateur de saisie bilingue

Moldom Razzakh



Abakar Brahim Abakar


Personnel Local



  • Khalil Lotfi : Chauffeur

  • Ngenzebuhoro Fidele : Chauffeur


The Chad Embassy in Canada is composed of various sections that work to improve political, military, economic, and cultural relations between the Canada and the Republic of Chad. Follow the links above for more detailed information the key leaders at the Embassy and the various sections, along with related documents, links, and relevant resources.

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